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T.J. "El Prepe" Bailey

T.J. Bailey and Eric McClelland have had a blast both prepping, promoting and running events for the past 15 years. T.J. "El Prepe" Bailey started his Career at the Texas Motorplex in 2005, TJ has Worked for several organizations including NHRA, NMRA, NMCA, PDRA, XDRL and multiple small tire grudge races around the U.S.  He brings to the table years of experience in both organizing events, executing events and track consulting. "I am ready to bring my expertise to the street car world and show them what go fast looks like!!!"

Eric "Cheeseburger" McClelland started his career at the Texas Motorplex in 2002, working his way up into a management role for the Texas Motorplex.  Eric has been a Competition Director and now serves as Operations and Logistics for the Texas Motorplex. Eric traveled with NMRA, NMCA and NHRDA doing tower operations. Eric has worked along with T.J. Bailey in both tower operations and track prep since their meeting in 2005.

Both T.J. and Eric have had a long lasting friendship and decided to go into business together to provide the best events, the best classes and the best Track Prep for the street car world.

Eric "Cheeseburger" McClelland

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Demarcus "lil Godzilla" Rogers

No stranger to the game, Competition Director Demarcus Rogers brings over 10 years of experience to the table ranging from Starting line, Staging lanes and Race Control. Demarcus started his career in race operations in the State of Georgia until moving to his home state of Texas in 2008. Demarcus with a race car of his own, has been racing since his childhood in both bracket and index racing. 

John "lil prepe" Macalik

Chief Starter John "lil prepe" Macalik has stepped up to handle starting line duties at T&E Promotions events. John has been a mainstay at the Texas Motorplex for several years perfecting his skills in regards to track prep, starting line etiquette and race rules. John has expressed his readiness to provide top customer service to all of the racers coming from all over the nation. From a smiling face to the high-fives and hugs, John is in it to win it and has proved himself to be one of the top pick for T&E Promotions and it's future. 

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Billy "livin my best life" Palumbo

Billy Palumbo has been with T&E Promotions on the tech side of the events since its debute in 2018. Billy comes to us with a wealth of auto knowledge. Billy not only works in the automotive industry, Billy builds and restores classic automobiles in his free time. Billy’s honesty and accountability make him the perfect tech official for all T&E Promotions events! 

Vince "Dad" Howell

Vince “Dad” Howell runs our staging lanes at all T&E races, Vince has travelled the world working events from major NHRA races to many of your local races. He is a friendly face in the lanes with an absolute wealth of knowledge in regards to racing. We at T&E are super proud to have Vince “Dad” Howell on the team.

Cliff Parvin.jpg

Cliff "Mad Man" Parvin

Every Great event needs a great announcer! Check out who we have coming weekend to keep the adrenaline flowing!!! It's none other than the world famous mouth from the south Cliff Parvin! Cliff has been announcing for along time in the street car world and is a staple at the Import Face off shows!!! Cliff brings a special flair to the event, he is raw and fun but most importantly knowledgeable in all the different makes, models and groups associated with the Street Car Scene!