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T&E Promotions is proud to announce a media partnership with the ultimate Drag Racing Magazine and our local hero Wes Buck. Drag Drag Illustrated has been involved in the sport of drag racing for many years from the top dog's of NHRA to the Fastest street cars in the country. T&E Promotions is one of the leaders in bringing some of the fastest street cars in the country to one place to compete everyyear and we are proud to announce Drag Illustrated will be involved with T&E for future events and much more. Check out drag illustrated out by clicking the logo.  

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TG Motorsports Boosted Street is one of the most anticipated heads-up street classes of 2021. 2020 brought some of the fastest Boosted Street cars from all over the country to one place…. The historic Texas Motorplex. For the third time we bring to you the TG Motorsports Boosted Street featuring some of the fastest street cars in the country. There can only be one in this battle for the belt! Find out July 8-9, 2022 at the Texas Motorplex!

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Baily's High Performance Battle of the Heavyweights is the newest and proving to be one of the most popular classes of the Streetcar Showdown. Ranging From Challengers, Hellcats, GT500’s and other heavyweight vehicles, this class is built for the heavyweights but it proves to rank in some of the fastest cars on the property. Baily's High Performance Battle of the Heavyweights at the Texas Motorplex July 8-9, 2022 and you don’t want to miss it!

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Jotech Motorsports GTR vs The World is not a class to be messed with, running on an 8.0 ¼ mile index, they are not cars you want to play with. From fire blowing exhaust, loud pops of a GTR to the turbo spool of a 1,000hp + Muscle car it’s a race to the finish and it’s so close, we can’t declare a winner without the timing system. Jotech Motorsports is one of the best builders in the nation when it comes to GTR’s and McLaren’s. July 8-9, 2022 at the Texas Motorplex we light the turbos back up once again for the world!