Longtime Friend and Competition Director with T&E Promotions Demarcus Rogers has a side gig of his own. Many may not know but he was born and raised in the grass roots bracket style racing. That being said he is no stranger to the game of index racing. Bracket Racket was created by Demarcus's Dad Jerry Powell. DeMarcus being as involved in racing as he has been his whole life has partnered with his Dad to push the page to what it is today. Exactly what it says. Bracket Racket, From promotion for index classes such as Cheap Street to local Bracket programs. But it doesn’t stop there!


      Demarcus and his Dad and moved more towards National Bracket and Index related classes, keeping up with some of the big money, small money and your money races. When asked DeMarcus said "My plan next year is to follow the Cheap Street on the promotions. Cheap Street is a fun upcoming class that is already successful but steadily growing". Demarcus went on to say "that's what I want to do with Blue". Blue is a 1995 Buick Skylark that make the whole character of Demarcus Rogers come out. For us that are around him on a daily basis have seen him at 5 miles under the posted speed limit in the right lane. Well it appears that is going to change soon.


      Cheap street is a no time Index based class. In the drivers meeting it is determined what index will be ran. Drivers showing up do not know if it will be a 6.50, 6.75 or 7.0 second class. "That's what makes this class so appealing to everyone. It has to be a streetcar, registered and inspected with insurance. Full interior and small tires other than that it is what it is". Demarcus will be handing all of the race operations for both the Winter Warm Up as well as the T&E Promotions Street Car Showdown. When he was brought to the team it immediately showed beneficial to both the racers and the T&E team. Click the Bracket Racket logo above and give him a like. Let's go racing boys and girls.