Come join us for the T&E Promotions Winter Warmup end of your bash, less classes more hero chit!!! Combine boost weather and great track prep and you know what you get? The answer is world records and personal best for everyone and a few broken parts of course.


Texas Motorplex (7500 W Highway 287 Ennis, TX 75119)
December 3, 2022



GATES Open 9am
Racing 10am-5pm
Everyone pays $20 at the Gate
Tech Card $30 TNT tech cards at Gate, Class tech cards at T&E Booth at Media Center



(Hero Chit TNT/Grudge)

Open to any make and model, TNT/Grudge will run all day
(Must show proof of tech card purchase)

Boosted Street Shootout
30 mile cruise
-.400 Pro Tree
- 1/4 mile heads up TIMES SHOWN
- Courtesy Stage is enforced.
-Must have Registration and insurance
-Must complete 30 mile cruise with the true street class
-Power Adders Permitted
-DOT tires only, no Slicks or Pro Bracket Radials permitted (Must race with tires and wheels you drove on the cruise with)
-You can not refuel during the cruise(no gas cans in car on cruise)
-After the cruise you will be accounted for and released to go back to your pits, those that don’t make the cruise, don't complete the cruise or get passed by the cruise chase vehicle will be DQ’d from the class.
-Trans Brakes and Two Steps Allowed
-Minimum weight 3,300 lbs.(car&driver combined)
- Any engine and trans combo allowed
-Factory wheel Base and Stock Style Suspension
-No Tube chassis full front clip or back half cars allowed
-Rear frame rails must remain intact but can be notched for chassis clearance. Front frame rails must remain intact to forward of strut or shock mount tower." Area in front of strut or shock tower can be cut or modified for supercharger , Turbo, intercooler and radiator placement."
-chassis modifications for safety cages are accepted as long as they do not present a clear performance advantage.
$100 buy in
$500 on top thanks to Hammertime Contractors
Winner Take All


Cheap Street Index
1/8th mile
Pro Tree
Hat draw random index
6.50, 7.75 Or 7.00 Index to be drawn at drivers meeting
All out clocks OFF in the finals if both drives agree

Random Pairing

Street Cars/ Trucks only

Full Interior, Tagged, Inspected and Insured

DOT Approved Small Tire 

No Electronics

Transbrakes Allowed
$100 buy in
$500 on top thanks to Finley-Williams Racing
Purse TBD

Any questions please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook on the T&E promotions page or directly to TJ Bailey or Eric mcclelland's Facebook page.